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Underpinning The Levels

Underpinning The Levels

Underpinning The Levels specialists are expert in fixing Foundations, Repair Cracks,salt damp treatment &Structural Restoration Services for domestic & commercial properties.

Does your house need renovation? Or, has its floor started receding? Look no further than us! We are a leading underpinning professional in South The Levels and provide quality services at best rates.

We take pride in our expert team of certified and licensed professionals who have expertise in underpinning and reblocking services. We are The Levels’s finest underpinners with more than two decades of experience. We can take care of basement lowering, wall cracks, cellar waterproofing, bathroom dropping away, foundation repairing, restumping of weatherboard, excavation under the house, and cracks appearing etc. Call us for guaranteed underpinning solutions anywhere in The Levels today and be sure of lowest prices!

We provide Professional Underpinning Services across South Australia – No job too big or too small for us. We are team of local Experienced Underpinning Specialist excel in Salt Damp Treatment,Pressure Grouting, Jacking foundation,Stabilising Foundations. We got reliable products and equipment for domestic, commercial & Industrial Underpinning Services In The Levels. At Underpinning SA  for Underpinning, Restumping, Reblocking or Raising services we use quality, heavy duty, reliable equipment to make sure our underpinning or salt damp treatment results are effective and long lasting.

Underpinning The Levels provide range of underpinning services available

  1. Stabilising foundations
  2. Salt Damp Treatment
  3. Re-Supporting
  4. Jacking foundations
  5. Structural repairs
  6. Drilling
  7. Small access machines
  8. Pressure grouting


Under For all Commercial as well as residential. get free quote

Underpinning The Levels

Underpinning The Levels

Does my building deserve or need Underpinning?

When you come to SA underpinning we wholly address all those pressing underpinning needs that give headaches to all commercial and also residential property owners. The moment when you visually notice any cracks appearing on either the internal or external section of your building, then such visible cracks that appear on your wall are a clear indication of the prevalence of some existing structural compression that are hell bent on destabilising the foundation of your structure.

Salt Damp Treatment The Levels

Salt Damp Treatment The Levels

Several factors are known to cause this state, in most cases such an occurrence can be brought about as a result of erosion, and at times it can be occasioned by soil movement or even earthquakes to a very large extent in some documented cases. When cracks become visible on any section of your building, you have to thoroughly come up with the best way that will see your foundation firmly supported through underpinning. If such a situation ends up being ignored, and the cracks are left gapping unattended then you definitely put yourself at the risk of facing very unbearable consequences that will arise from your occupancy and even ownership of the building. Below are some of the most significant salient features that you ought to keenly observe to put you in the clear picture of knowing whether your building needs underpinning:

  • The external bricks layouts show signs of cracking and also drifting apart.
  • The building is evidently bending as a result of unchecked weight.
  • Visible cracks on any of the internal walls, this is evidenced by doors not fitting squarely inside the frames.
  • Bumpy flooring
  • The downpipes on the building are not lined towards the outlet and at the same time appears to bend in some other places.
  • The general view of building from any angle shows that it is actually lopsided.

What is underpinning?

At SA underpinning, we opt to make use of the conventional system of underpinning that involves the digging of holes measuring approximately 1.2 meters at a depth that is lower than the prevailing footing. Concrete is poured to fill up to about 0.3 meters underneath the current footing alongside suitable steel for strengthening the ballast within the excavated holes. Determination of exact number of holes to be dug is based on how severe the building is cracked or sagging. Concrete will be allowed to cure for a five day period before we get back to your site and put in place several heavy duty jacks underneath the foundation to squarely rest on the concrete. To be precise, the positioned jacks will automatically be pumped up to create a very sturdy lift on the foundation that will definitely close any cracks and also voids. We totally seal all cracks measuring between 10-20 millimeters wide.
The moment all the cracks on the building are completely sealed we will install heavy duty props as replacements of the jacks, or on the other hand we can leave the jacks in place and then we pour more concrete and also add extra steel reinforcement to absolutely seal all the holes that were actually excavated in the region of your building.

Official Underpinning Services The Levels

Official Underpinning Services The Levels

Our famed underpinning process comes with a number of advantages on the side of the owner and also tenants of the structure as provided below:

  1. Underpinning of the walls will give way to stabilization of the building while providing for more strength meant to withstand any extra weight.
  2. Underpinning puts to the surface some unknown mechanisms of your building to pave way for renovations and other needed improvements.
  3. In general, the homeowner will gain more in terms of additional comfort and safety.
  4. The process has a value addition effect on the structure both economically and practically.
  5. When done at the right time, underpinning brings about enormous savings by prevention of any resultant damage that would otherwise have befallen your building.

You ought to get underpinning started today.

At underpinning The Levels our work speaks volumes about ourselves and that is why we carry out annual evaluations of all the projects we have undertaken to ensure an excellent outcome for your recently underpinned building.

Underpinning Contractors The Levels

Underpinning Contractors The Levels

Our Services in The Levels

At SA underpinning we are blessed with a team of expertly trained professionals assigned to projects in order to execute planned underpinning activities to the best of their expertise while allowing for minimal disruptions to any tenants and adjacent occupants. They normally carry out their functions very independently with the understanding that all underpinning works vary from one type to another, no assignment is too gigantic or difficult to handle. We are endowed with the technical capability of correcting any kind of internal crack on your building by patching up, carrying out repairs, effecting replacements and doing painting work to make your building appear exactly in the same way it looked on the very day of its initial completion prior to occupation but this time round it will be sitting squarely on the most firm foundation.

Basement Underpinning The Levels

Basement Underpinning The Levels

What is Salt damp?

Salt damp (or Rising Damp and Salt Attack) occurs when a building was established prior to the use of plastic dampcourse cause of decay to materials such as stone, brick, mortar etc.  Salt damp occurs by capillary action from the underlying layers of  soils. The capillary action carries water & salt with it in soluble form.

Salt damp treatment The Levels

At underpinning SA we use the method that involves physically replacing the damp damaged areas and placing a plastic dampcourse under the building creating a water proof barrier the walls are then built back on top of this plastic creating a permanent solution to your salt damp problem. By using the undersetting method your domestic & commercial buildings get ready for paint as soon as the work is completed, unlike salt damp injection methods where you are required to wait for a minimum of a 3 month period before any render or stone replacement can take place.

Underpinning The Levels excels in the following services

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We are very happy with our Home Restumping. Highly recommend in SA

"Amazing work"

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Underpinning Adelaide is one of the top underpinning company in south Australia . They give best underpinning services. I had to call them coz there was cracks in the internal section of my building the team came and fixed it, now there is no crack seen. The team really worked well. Thank you team you guys do amazing work.

Quality work done

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This company has done the underpinning job so effectively that my buildings seem like a new one again as the signs which made it look like a mess are completely gone.
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