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Top 5 Reasons For Underpinning your House

We all enjoy the comforts of our homes and their structural integrity is the most important aspect of construction. Your houses are strongly held upon your foundations. The foundation is of the utmost importance so we have to make sure it is stable and strong forever. Underpinning is defined as a process to repair and strengthen the foundation of your building or any structure. There can be various reasons for house underpinning, each of them is a priority, so here we are providing you with the most common reasons to underpin a house and house damage repair.

Reasons You Should Go for Underpinning

  • Soil Type

    Most of our structures and homes are built on expansive clay soil, its called expansive because this type of soil may absorb water to expand and lose water to contract.  This expansion and contraction can lead to irregularity in underpinning and ups and downs in the level of soil can damage your foundation requiring house foundation repair. To underpin a house one should always start with house foundation repair and structural damage repair. Underpinning cost should also be taken into consideration as underpinning is directly related to the structural integrity of your homes.

  • Extra Construction of Floor

    With the expansion of the family, a person may require to expand his home too. Building an extra floor on the top can actually put a lot of pressure on your foundation. If your foundations are already damaged, house foundation repair may be required. Underpinning a house becomes necassary before the construction of extra floor. House underpinning is also necassary if you increase the load on your floors or terraces.

  • Slope Failure

    Soil present deep underground can actually move or shift from your foundation. The movement of earth ground downhill can cause creeps and sudden landslides. Specially designed underpinning is necassary to resist slope and stand firmly. Get your house underpinning done if your area is prone to landslides or heavy rains.

  • Erosion

    Soil erosion is the most common issue that damages our buildings and their foundations. Erosion can be caused by poor drainage systems, uncontrolled flow of water and lack of ground cover. This erosion of soil is very risky and may become the cause of house foundation collapse. Thereby Underpinning the house becomes the topmost priority in the case of erosion.

  • Poor Construction

    We all the know importance of good and strong construction of buildings. Poor construction can lead to an unstable or damaged foundation. This can put you and your building at a risk and may compromise the structural integrity of your house. Underpinning should be carried out if you face a poor construction problem.

Professional Assistance:

Northern underpinning, Adelaide, will fulfill all your underpinning needs for commercial and residential properties. If you happen to see any cracks in your foundations, or if you need house foundation repair or simple underpin a house you can hire our professional services. Our company provides every type of house underpinning and delivers guaranteed results.

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