Forget who wants to convince you that wooden houses are so fashionable because they do not have any bureaucratic procedures to attend to. This message that often passes through sites that are not very reliable and among people who are even less competent is completely wrong.

The official and real news is this:

the construction in green building are housing facilities to all intents and purposes, small or large, realized with system blockhaus, x-Lam or frame .

Going back to us, if you really want to know how to build a house , you need to know that the initial bureaucratic process is rather laborious, but when you live in your new home, you will realize that it was really worth it!

Before imagining yourself in front of the fireplace of your bright open space, unfortunately we have to return to our duties: first of all to request permission to build .

To request it must necessarily be a qualified professional ( engineer, architect, surveyor ) who must assess the feasibility of the work and prepare all the necessary documents to be delivered to the Municipality. These can generally vary but mostly concern:

  • projects ;
  • certification referring to the title of legitimation ;
  • certification of compliance with anti-seismic regulations, building regulations, fire safety regulations, energy performance and sanitary regulations.

Once all the documents have been submitted, within 60 days, the preliminary investigation will begin which, after another 30 days, will then lead to the final provision and the release of the long-awaited Building Permit .

Now we come to the sore point, to the point you were already waiting for in a few paragraphs: how much does it cost you to build a house at the Mq? The answer is not unique, there is no standard price range to refer to, because everything depends on the type of home you intend to build.

Traditional masonry or green building?

And if you are more convinced than ever that you want to focus on prefabricated buildings, what constructive system do you think can do for you?

Below we will try to answer all these questions, so as to offer you a complete picture of what awaits you in terms of budget if you want to build your dream home.

Let’s see for example what are the costs for a villa based on the various types of construction, bearing in mind that prices also vary based on the quality of the finishes, accessibility to the site, and the number and type of systems to be installed.

Taking into consideration a standard quality for the construction of a concrete house, we can summarize the costs as follows:

  • € 1,200 / m² in the North;
  • € 1,300 / m² at the Center;
  • € 950 / m² in the South.

The prices for the same building built according to the principles of green building are on average between 800 and 1200 € / m² . In this case the price variation depends on the company you are addressing, on the specifications materials, on the construction systems and on the type of solution chosen: for example the “turnkey” one is more expensive but is also the most requested by those who do addresses a manufacturing company.

Let’s see briefly how prices for a wooden house can vary based on different construction techniques:

  • Blockhaus 100-200 € / m² (type especially suitable for garden houses, bungalows, chalets);
  • A Frame (the most widespread) 1100-1200 € / m² ;
  • X-Lam (the most technological and rapid among the prefabricated solutions in wood) 1200-1500 € / m² .