A truck makeover is a must for every truck owner that wants his/her truck to look cool and perform at its peak as well. Some truck upgrades worth considering adding to your ride include:

Bull Bar

Protection from a collision while making your truck look powerful and aggressive is quickly achieved with the installation of bull bars. Bull bars are attached directly to the vehicle’s frame and installed on the bumper’s underside and centre. The truck’s specific front area can be covered by the bull bars, making it one of the most excellent exterior truck accessories in terms of functionality and aesthetic look.

Running Boards or Nerf Bars

Usually installed along the sides of the truck and just below the doors, running boards or nerf bars help you and your passengers quickly enter and exit. The boards are either retractable or non-retractable, depending on your style and preference. The running board’s ridged surface also allows you a place to wipe your shoes off from excess debris and dirt before entering the truck. This helps greatly in keeping the interior of your vehicle clean.

Pad Kit and Brake Disc

A safe trip is dependent on the reliability of the truck’s brakes. Speed and momentum while on the road are safely maintained with a good braking system. Abnormal pedal feels and weird noises every time you step on the brakes are signs of worn-out or bad brake pads. Investing in top-of-the-line rotor kits and brake pads is the best option when it’s time to replace the truck’s brake systems.

Bumper cover

The first line of defense in low-impact road accidents is the truck’s bumpers. The impact’s energy is redistributed and absorbed by the bumper. The common bumpers seen in trucks are carbon or stainless steel models. Going for aluminium bumpers is a lighter, enhanced performance upgrade, and corrosion-resistant option. The low maintenance requirement is another benefit provided by aluminium bumpers.

Truck Bed Cover or Tonneau Covers

The elements and thieves are the things the cargo of your truck needs protection from. Using Tonneau covers not only protects your cargoes from being stolen or damaged by the elements; it also boosts fuel efficiency and aerodynamics of the truck. A lot of wind drag can happen with open truck beds and having it covered enhances its aerodynamic performance.

Shock absorbers

Better handling of the vehicle and a smoother ride is the top benefits brought on by shock absorbers. However, better control and comfort are with high-performance shock absorbers.

The addition of a performance control arm is another suspension upgrade worth considering. Having it installed as part of the suspension system of your truck allows the proper guidance to the wheels as they move downward and upward. An enhanced and smoother ride is experienced with the addition of both shock absorbers and a performance control arm.

Taillights, Headlights, and Fog Lights

Properly functioning lights are essential for every driver while on the road. Additional safety on the road is ensured when hazy or dim lights are immediately replaced. Another light to consider installing on your truck are fog lights. This is especially essential if you live in an area subjected to a lot of heavy rain or fog.

Are you thinking about adding or replacing the accessories of your truck? We are happy to help. Contact us if you want to install truck upgrades.