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Andrea Thompson

Hi we are about to purchase a house of 184m2 that needs Restumping/levelling. Do you come out to do quotes? Thanks

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Cellar waterproofing

Hi I’m in the process of buying a property that has a cellar beneath the garage. There is a moisture problem in the cellar, very strong odour lots of efflorescence on the walls. Can you please contact me to organise a quote/ discuss my options for repair. Thanks

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Property movement

Hi, I tried to call regarding speaking to someone about a property of mine that I manage. There is substantial movement and I am concerned mainly about the bathroom dropping away slightly. Please call 8XXXXXXXXXXXXXX8 to arrange access and discuss further. Thank you.

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Salt damp

Have bad salt damp & wall cracks. Like a quote but I somehow don’t think I will be able to afford it Location: Redbanks Rd, Willaston

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