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crack wall

we have cracks on roof, interior wall and exterior joint wall. would you please arrange an appointment for onsite free quote. regards Han

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Buying a house with signs of shifting walls

I’m looking at buying a house (60/70s double brick) with large (20mm) cornice gaps inside one room and gaps between external stone veneer. I was hoping to get a rough idea about what it might cost to rectify.

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Re stumping / relevelling

Hi my name is John im a builder in the northern suburbs. Need an approximate costing for 80m2 of floor relevelling. Timber sub floor on brick piers and concrete strip footings. Approximate deviation of 100mm along one end. Cheers John

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Please provide a quote to supply and install four (4( underpins beneath existing foundation founding at the surface, prior to construction. Underpins to be 600 long x 300 wide founding 600mm below bench level. Underpins to be filled with 20MPa Concrete hand rod compacted to within 20mm of underside of...

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