Your dream is to build a house of your own, customizing it according to your tastes and your needs? Do you have land with a view of the sea and have you always imagined to look out on the balcony of your villa and enjoy an incredible view? Well, below we will try to provide you with all the necessary suggestions to make your wishes and what you need to know into reality before starting to build your ideal home. 

Where to build your new home?

If you still haven’t found the perfect space to build your new home, be it concrete or wood , remember that you will need a building plot .

Before buying it, you will need to check through the relevant Municipal Technical Office if the building lot is subject to restrictions on the building and how many cubic meters are allowed for a standard structure.

Attention, let’s not talk about square meters: you need to know the index of the construction of the lot, thanks to which you will know the maximum allowed volumefor the construction of your new home. In this way you will have a precise picture of “how much” and what to be able to accomplish in a given space, whether a one-storey villa or one of two or more elevations.

After buying the land

Once the purchase contract is stipulated, you will need to prepare for your municipality a series of indispensable documents including those relating to the purchase of the land and those concerning the start of the works.

As one can easily imagine, this is a procedure that takes time and therefore it is preferable to play in advance. It will in fact a verification of the cadastral situation and / or planning on the part of a technician , which requires at least 10 days (at best). If an urban and / or cadastral adjustment is needed, which is essential for the stipulation to be in accordance with the law, it will take another 30–40 days.

For the request and obtaining ofcertification of urban destination will take at least 15 days. Then the documentation will be delivered to the notary for the deed and the processing of the paperwork: for this step it will take another 15 days or so.

How to build a house? You need permission, even for prefabs!

Forget who wants to convince you that wooden houses are so fashionable because they do not have any bureaucratic procedures to attend to. This message that often passes through sites that are not very reliable and among people who are even less competent is completely wrong.