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Do I meet the requirements or deserve underpinning?

When you spot visible cracks on the internal as well as external walls of your structure, it clearly points to the fact that there are some stresses being exerted on the structure, these forces negatively affect the firmness of the foundation of your building. They can be made to occur as a result of some movement in the soil, or due to erosion and also earthquakes in some extreme cases. When the building exhibits cracks it is about time for the owner to resolutely come up with a sustainable way of supporting the foundation through use of underpinning. If the structure is left in such a deplorable condition for a longer period, it will bring about unprecedented consequences to the current tenants. We have listed for you here some of the things that you should put into consideration in determining whether you indeed have to carry out underpinning:

Stable Underpinning Services Adelaide

Stable Underpinning Services Adelaide

  1. Evident Cracks emerging in the external brickwork and then eventually drifting apart
  2. Visible sagging of the building
  3. Internal walls showing cracks and again the doors are seen to be ill-fitting within the square of the frames
  4. variation in flooring (hardly will a rounded object roll smoothly from end to another end
  5. Downpipes don’t properly line up towards the outlet and instead are visibly bended
  6. The structure appears to be quite lopsided when you view it from any angle or point

What is underpinning?

At SA underpinning we always use the innovative procedure of underpinning, which aptly involves the sinking of holes that are about 1.2 metres beneath the ground level. We swiftly proceed to fill up concrete to about 0.3 metres beneath the existing footing with the most appropriate steel fortification within the excavated holes.

To arrive at the number of holes that need to be excavated we carefully consider how bad your structure has actually cracked and sagged as a result of weight. The concrete will then be left to cure in a period of exactly five days. After curing, we shall come back to the site for the purpose of positioning heavy duty jacks right below the foundation so as to rest firmly on the concrete. With a lot of tact, the jacks will be firmly held to make a lift on your foundation in order to thoroughly close up all voids and cracks.

Salt Damp Repairs Services Adelaide

Salt Damp Repairs Services Adelaide

The magnitude of our work is informed by the extent of the sagging, in most projects it is possible for us to fully close all cracks that have a width ranging between 10-20mm.
As soon as the cracks get sealed we go ahead with the insertion of some heavy duty props that will end up replacing the jacks or otherwise we can leave the jacks held in position and then prepare more concrete and steel to be casted in order to entirely fill up all the excavated holes that were sunk round your structure.
Underpinning is widely associated with a good number of advantages both for the tenants and also owners of the building as summed up below:

  1. Underpinning of your walls gives way for stability of the building and at the same time provides more strength and increases its balance.
  2. Underpinning is known for bringing to surface some hidden dynamics of your building thus gesturing the way to go in terms of renovations and any other improvements
  3. Commonly, the landlord will gain fully in the long-run by way of increased safety and also assured comfort.
  4. The underpinning activity is bound to increase the value of the structure and it comes with great economic values.
  5. If done in proper time, underpinning can bring about massive savings by backstopping any nature of damage that would have otherwise happened to your building.
 Expert Underpinning Adelaide

Expert Underpinning Adelaide

You should get started today

At SA underpinning all and sundry are proud of the work that we routinely do and we make follow-up evaluations annually on standards to give assurance of the best outcome of any newly strengthened building.

Home Underpinning Adelaide

Home Underpinning Adelaide

Our services:

At SA underpinning we pride in having a team of highly experienced staffs who put all their energies on the particular projects that they work on and do their best to bring about very minimal disruptions to tenants in the building as well as adjacent occupants. Our dedicated team carries out their functions independently even though projects vary in terms of design and technicality.

However, there is no job that is very hard or complex to deliver. We are exceptionally skilled with the technical ability to seal internal cracks on structures by way of patching, doing replacements, carrying out repairs, and also painting to make the structure look as new as it was when it was first completed prior to occupation although this time round it will be solidly sitting on the strongest foundation.

Best Renovations Adelaide

Best Renovations Adelaide

  1. Underpinning
  2. Renovations
  3. Crack repairs.
  4. Floor releveling.
  5. Salt Damp repairs
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