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Do I meet the criteria or require underpinning?

Immediately when cracks manifest themselves on the internal and external sides of the walls of your structure, this actually implies that the presence of existing stresses and also strains that are impeding the foundation of the structure. This is as a result of soil movement and can also be brought about by erosion and in some other places it can be caused by earthquakes. When such cracks are spotted it is imperative for you to support the foundation of your building by having it underpinned. In case such a situation prevails for a very long time, it will bring about very unbearable costs on the part of the occupants and owner alike. You need to observe the following signs for you to know whether your building actually requires underpinning:

Quick Salt Damp Repairs Adelaide

Quick Salt Damp Repairs Adelaide

  1. Check whether the internal brickwork is showing any signs of cracking and drifting apart
  2. Observe to see if the structure is Sagging
  3. Inspect to see if there are any internal Wall Cracks and the Doors appear to be out of their square within the frames
  4. Un-uniform flooring  (any rounded object cannot freely roll from one side over to another side
  5. The downpipes are no longer lined up towards the outlet and are seen to be bending in some of the instances
  6. If you keenly observe while standing from any angle, you actually see that the building is indeed lop-sided

What is Underpinning?

At SA underpinning we always choose to use the conventional method of underpinning, which involves the exaction of holes around the affected structure. The holes are sunk to a depth of 1.2 meters under the existing footing. After excavating, we pour concrete up to 0.3 meters exactly below the existing footing and use the most suitable steel reinforcement within the excavated holes. The total number of holes to be excavated is dependent on how bad the structure is cracked and bending or sagging as a result of weight. After the concrete cures for five consecutive days, we avail ourselves back on the site to position some heavy duty jacks below the foundation making them to firmly rest on the cured concrete. The jacks will then be pumped up to create a lift on the foundation and eventually close all the voids and cracks. We fully put into consideration the impact felt by the occupants as a result of the sagging, in normal circumstances we can completely seal all cracks that have a width ranging between 10-20 mm.
Immediately the cracks are completely sealed, we can opt to put in place some heavy duty props to replace the jacks or we may leave the jacks is the same position and then pour more concrete and use extra steel reinforcement into the holes that were excavated for the purpose of underpinning.

Underpinning is known to have more advantages on the part of the occupants and also owners of the building as listed below:

  1. When the walls are underpinned they stabilize the building and provide additional strength and increase the balance.
  2. Underpinning brings out any sort of hidden dynamics within the structure and gives room for renovations and any kind of necessary improvement.
  3. The owner will benefit as a result of saving on energy in the long term while also gaining from increased safety and comfort.
  4. Underpinning has the ability of adding more value to your building while at the same time it has numerous economic benefits.
  5. When carried out in good time, underpinning will bring about increased savings by putting at bay any damages that would have otherwise happened on the building.
Guaranteed Renovations Adelaide

Guaranteed Renovations Adelaide

You have to get started today

At SA underpinning we have the reputation of doing superb work and are famed for providing yearly checkups on the standards to see to it that you get the best outcome out of your recently underpinned building

Expert Renovations Adelaide

Expert Renovations Adelaide

Our services

At SA underpinning we have the most highly skilled team of staff that passionately works on respective projects with all the dedication to ensure that there is minimal disturbance made to the existing occupants of the house that is being underpinned and also the adjacent occupants. Our team works synergistically as much as each project varies in terms of design and implementation, no project is complex or hard to handle. We possess the technical power to fix any kind of internal damage on all structures by way of repairing, patching, replacement and also painting to enable the building regain its lost structural force and make it appear like the way it was on the first day when it was constructed and further leave it on the most firm foundation.

Best Damp Repair Services Adelaide

Best Damp Repair Services Adelaide

    1. Underpinning
    2. Floor releveling.
    3. Salt Damp repairs
    4. Crack repairs.
    5. Renovations
Affordable Underpinning Services Adelaide

Affordable Underpinning Services Adelaide

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